The Lives of Others

  • IMDB:
  • Language: German
  • Genre : Drama, History, Thriller
  • Plot:  It is 1984 and it is East Germany where the Government knows everything about everyone’s lives. A surveillance officer is in charge of keeping track of a writer’s whereabouts and he does the right thing flawlessly!
  • Starring : Ulrich Muhe
  • Direction/Writing: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
  • Background:  I had seen this film about a couple years back and when I tried to remember the story, I couldn’t. I knew I had liked it very much, so watched it again.
  • Positives:  Gripping story, very interesting context/setting for the film and a celebration of humanity made the film very watchable. The wide, sad eyes of the surveillance officer were such a highlight of the film! The characters and scenes appeared to be well thought out. The conflicts when people live in an autocracy were nicely depicted. 
  • Negatives: It appeared predictable this time! I am guessing that;s because I kept remembering the story as I started watching it. It could have been slightly shorter.
  • Favorite scenes: The scene where HGW is in the elevator with the little boy.
    The scene where Lazlo sees HGW and doesn’t go up to him. 
  • My grade : B+