Amores Perros

  • IMDB:
  • Language: Spanish
  • Genre :  Drama
  • Plot:  Love is a bitch. And the things that people do in the name of love.
  • Starring : 
  • Direction/Writing: Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu
  • Background: The world cinema group on facebook.
  • Positives: Fascinating film. There are three stories that are interconnected through a horrible accident and all of them are love stories in their own way. The film shows pain, loss and hope without melodrama but with great detail. The title has “bitch” in it and the film has many dogs. That metaphor is taken seriously and is shown without making the stories and narration forced in any way! The camera work and background music are awesome as well.
  • Negatives: I wish it was in English, I really do. But I don;t think I can imagine American characters in such a film! I wish they make a Kannada film remaking this.
  • Favorite scenes: The scene where the homeless guy points his gun to the dog.
    The scene where the model’s new husband calls his wife out of desperation.
  • My grade : B+

Like water for chocolate

This was a good movie! I got interested in watching this because the netflix description was quite catchy. 

So here’s what I liked:

  • The mexican background! So many things were so typical. The dress, food, their traditions, culture and expressions. I am glad I picked a movie that had all this and not just a good story.
  • The story was rather charming. Old school, but charming! It didn’t make complete sense at so many points but love stories can afford that.
  • That girl Tita! So pretty and such an awesome actress she was. The lady who acted as her mum also did a pretty good job.
  • Oh and that transferring emotions through food, a virgin breast feeding a baby and all that were okay. Dumb but okay.

What I didn’t like:

  • At many places, a sort of coherency was lost.
  • So many scenes exist with no definite meaning or reason.
  • Could have been shorter.

Parting words: An interesting movie, you could watch it once if you have patience with stories that don’t exactly make sense!