Like water for chocolate

This was a good movie! I got interested in watching this because the netflix description was quite catchy. 

So here’s what I liked:

  • The mexican background! So many things were so typical. The dress, food, their traditions, culture and expressions. I am glad I picked a movie that had all this and not just a good story.
  • The story was rather charming. Old school, but charming! It didn’t make complete sense at so many points but love stories can afford that.
  • That girl Tita! So pretty and such an awesome actress she was. The lady who acted as her mum also did a pretty good job.
  • Oh and that transferring emotions through food, a virgin breast feeding a baby and all that were okay. Dumb but okay.

What I didn’t like:

  • At many places, a sort of coherency was lost.
  • So many scenes exist with no definite meaning or reason.
  • Could have been shorter.

Parting words: An interesting movie, you could watch it once if you have patience with stories that don’t exactly make sense!